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Q: In Scrum, planning poker is very popular to estimate task sizes. As a developer, it is very common to think about hours while estimate size. But planning poker discourages that. My question, is how we can avoid thinking of hours during estimating size? Or it is a matter of practices? – Md. Sohel Rana

A: we use planning poker for size estimation of product backlog. not for sprint task breakdown. when we convert product backlog to sprint backlog tasks, its better to take a concensus from team using similar technique. but it varies from team to team. you can even use planning poker for hourly task breakdown. now many people mix these two estimation. the size estimation is trivial or rough. its not concrete and discouraged to use direct hourly based calculation for that (its mainly used for velocity). for sprint task breakdown, we prefer to use hourly one or half day or full day break down so that we can utilize our available hours proper way. i prefer to do the sprint task breakdown in hourly fashion. different trainers or coaches have different approach. 🙂

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by : Mizanur Rahman


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