How to Start With ionic Framework

How to start:

  1. First install nodejs .(Download)
  2. Then install it
  3. Then in the command prompt type : npm install -g ionic  
  4. If everything is ok then it should install
  5. Now again type in the command prompt:
  6. npm cache clear
    npm install-g cordova
  7. We are now ready to start the project
  8. ionic templates
  9. ionic start TabApp tabs && TabApp && ionic platform add android
  10. ionic serve
  11. ionnic server –lab                To show in the lab

How to Add the resources to change the icon & splash pages

in the root folder  www folder create a resources folder and put your icons.jpg(192×192) and splash.jpg(2208×2208)

then  in the command prompt type the f

ionic resources

it will convert your images so that it can be used in the application


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