Remove all Orders & Order related Data in opencart

TRUNCATE oc_address;
TRUNCATE oc_category;
TRUNCATE oc_category_description;
TRUNCATE oc_category_to_store;
TRUNCATE oc_coupon;
TRUNCATE oc_customer;
TRUNCATE oc_download;
TRUNCATE oc_download_description;
TRUNCATE oc_manufacturer;
TRUNCATE oc_manufacturer_to_store;
TRUNCATE oc_product;
TRUNCATE oc_product_description;
TRUNCATE oc_product_discount;
TRUNCATE oc_product_featured;
TRUNCATE oc_product_image;
TRUNCATE oc_product_option;
TRUNCATE oc_product_option_description;
TRUNCATE oc_product_option_value;
TRUNCATE oc_product_option_value_description;
TRUNCATE oc_product_related;
TRUNCATE oc_product_special;
TRUNCATE oc_product_to_download;
TRUNCATE oc_product_to_store;
TRUNCATE oc_review;
TRUNCATE oc_store;
TRUNCATE oc_store_description;
TRUNCATE oc_product_tags;
TRUNCATE oc_order;
TRUNCATE oc_order_download;
TRUNCATE oc_order_history;
TRUNCATE oc_order_option;
TRUNCATE oc_order_product;
TRUNCATE oc_order_status;
TRUNCATE oc_order_total;
TRUNCATE oc_product_to_category;
TRUNCATE oc_coupon_description;
TRUNCATE oc_coupon_product;


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